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Benefits of Good Quality Air Ventilation in the Workplace

Air Ventilation in the Workplace

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Not to state the obvious, but we all spend 100% of our time breathing in air.

Whilst indoor air quality is not the most burning issue on most people’s minds, it still plays a crucial role in one’s health, comfort and productivity at work.

In fact, ventilation is one of the most important controls in a working environment; it can help save energy and improve air quality at the same time.

Essentially, good ventilation can help to reduce air contaminants, drum out CO2, bring in fresh air and control temperature and humidity.

And, it’s recommended that CO2 levels are no more than 700ppm above outside air levels, temperature should be between 21 to 24 degrees celsius and humidity between 30% and 50%

So why should you follow these guidelines?

Well, here are 3 benefits of good quality air ventilation in the workplace.

1. Improve Comfort

No employee will enjoy work in an uncomfortable environment, where they are either shivering or sweating at their computer all day.

Typically, most people spend a lot of their lives working indoors, and if the air quality and temperature is at a comfortable level, they’ll feel more relaxed.

And, if employees feel more relaxed, they’ll focus more on the task at hand, making it easier to accomplish the day in a comfortable environment.

Now, we’re not saying your office should be a 5-star spa.

But, a basic level of comfort will go an extremely long way to boost morale and productivity.

2. Boost Productivity 

Good quality air ventilation has been proven to support concentration, decision making skills, job satisfaction, energy and more.

So it isn’t just about making sure employees are not too hot or cold, it’s about helping their brains perform at the best level, which can be achieved with lower levels of CO2 and higher levels of fresh oxygen.

Research reveals that there is a relationship between improved ventilation and enhanced cognitive function, and that workers in green-certified buildings scored higher on cognitive function tests compared to workers in standard buildings.

So whilst the cost of installing a ventilation system may seem pretty expensive, increased productivity will benefit your bottom line overall in the long run.

3. Reduce Sick Leave

The average professional will spend over 40 hours a week in an office.

And with this much time spent indoors, poor air quality will eventually take its toll on the body and impact health and wellness.

Essentially, if the air is not controlled, office workers can be more susceptible to catching a cold or developing other respiratory conditions.

Moreover, poor indoor air can cause eye irritation, inflammation or make existing health problems worse.

As such, if employees are feeling unwell, they’re more likely to take days off from work, and whilst calculating the cost of sick leave will vary from business to business, it will still result in decreased efficiency and increased operational costs.

Positively, ventilation systems can help people stay healthy and reduce sick leave, improving your bottom line on the whole.

The Bottom Line

Productivity is essential to any workplace.

Not only will goals more likely be achieved, but employees will feel a lot more motivated to do so.

Hence, installing ventilation and creating a more comfortable environment, you’ll be creating a more pleasant atmosphere overall, where employees can concentrate and feel healthier.

On the other hand, poor ventilation can make an office stuffy and humid, resulting in health problems that can be disruptive to the workforce, i.e. sick days.

All in all, improving the flow and quality of air ventilation will not only benefit employees, but directly impact your business’s profits too.

Please get in touch today to find out more.

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30th December 2021
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Air Ventilation in the Workplace
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