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how does heat recovery ventilation work?

The technology behind the energy efficiency of the HRV – Heat Recovery Ventilation core lies in its construction, which enables exchange of sensible heat (temperature) to maintain a comfortable internal environment with minimal energy consumption.

The core is made from a water resistant paper core and sits at the heart of the system.

Constructed in a corrugated form and layered in alternate directions, the core allows a cross airflow to maximise heat recovery without the supply and exhaust air mixing, ensuring only fresh air is introduced into the home.

As stale air is extracted from a building, heat energy is recovered through the core and transferred to the incoming fresh air.

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Create a comfortable workspace for employees and guests by utilising air conditioning in your office. Perfect for any freehold property. We guarantee no mess during installation.

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For Classrooms

Meet the legal requirements and offer the best environment for students to learn in with our heat recovery ventilation systems. Providing fresh, allergen free air all year round.

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