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Yes we offer air conditioning repair. To find out more please visit our service and maintenance page or get in touch with us.

Our office hours are 9:am till 4:30pm

Daikin and Mitsubishi are the main brands we use, but we will supply and install any of the recognized manufacturers. It all depends on your individual use case.

Yes, click here to view our latest certifications or get in touch for more information

Yes, there are up to 7 years of warranty available depending on the installation.

This depends on the size of the room you wish to air condition. As an example, a 4m x 4m room would require roughly a 2kw system.

Yes, they work great in the winter. Indoor units can get up to 50c.

Currently, we do not offer any form of financing.

Yes, our team are happy to put you in touch with previous customers. You can also read our reviews on Google here.

We primarily cover Leicestershire but will travel within an hour of the office if requested.

For a 2kw wall-mounted system approximately £1300.00 including fitting. For commercial use, you’d need to add VAT.

Typically one system takes one working day. However, this will depend on the location of the unit, alongside other factors.

Our maintenance division visits domestic installs once at least once a year, and commercial installs at least twice a year. Maintenance cost start at around £50 per system.

To cool an average size bedroom would cost in the region of £1300.00. An office on the other hand would cost around £1550.00. Please see our contact form if you wish to request a more accurate estimate.

In general no. They can be very quiet as you can set the fan to low mode.

We recommend you get each of your units serviced one or two times a year.

Without maintenance, your system will become void of any warranties and decrease in efficiency, meaning it’ll cost more to run. Certain components will become under a lot more pressure, increasing the risk of potential faults.

Maintenance takes around 4-60 minutes per system.

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