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Service and Maintenance

Why maintenance and repair

We strongly recommend that all air conditioning systems are to be regularly serviced and maintained to keep the system operating at and to help extend the life-span of the units. HAR have a team of dedicated service engineers that operate throughout Leicestershire the Midlands and beyond. Our experienced maintenance team specialise in repair, maintenance and servicing of all manufactures and types of air conditioning systems and units.

Regular maintenance of your units not only keeps your air conditioning system operating at maximum performance it may also help reduce energy bills. Having a maintenance contract helps us to keep your air conditioning units running care free and we can spot any possible faulty components before they potentially fail in the future.

maintenance and repair services we offer

Filter Cleaning

Single split systems are the most appropriate solution for smaller commercial spaces, such as cafes, restaurants and small offices; they provide heating and cooling in individual rooms.

Emergency Callouts

Rather, multiple indoor units are connected to one large outdoor unit, making them a more versatile version. These systems are best suited to retail shops and buildings with multiple floors.

General Maintenance

To put it simply, they are both the same type of air conditioning unit and are the most efficient option for large sized properties, such as multi-use buildings and hotels.

Frequently asked questions

We often get asked the similar questions regarding Air Conditioning. Please see if your concerns are answered already, or feel free to get in touch.

Yes we offer air conditioning repair. To find out more please visit our service and maintenance page or get in touch with us.

Yes, there are up to 7 years of warranty available depending on the installation.

Our maintenance division visits domestic installs once at least once a year, and commercial installs at least twice a year. Maintenance cost start at around £50 per system.

We recommend you get each of your units serviced one or two times a year.

Without maintenance, your system will become void of any warranties and decrease in efficiency, meaning it’ll cost more to run. Certain components will become under a lot more pressure, increasing the risk of potential faults.

Maintenance takes around 4-60 minutes per system.

If you contact customer support, we aim to get to you within 24 hours however this is subject to seasonal demand. Sometimes this may not be possible.

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