Hinckley air conditioning domestic installations

As we enjoy the benefits of domestic air conditioning in more and more places, from shops, bars & offices to the vehicles we drive,
the one place where most of us do not indulge ourselves in this luxury is in the comfort (or discomfort!) of our own homes.
Cooling in summer & heating in winter, air conditioning is energy efficient and cost effective.

Hinkley Air Conditioning app control

Controlling your climate all year round

With state of the art design, modern air conditioners are compact and stylish and will enhance the comfort of your home. Whether it is for a bedroom, lounge, conservatory or the entire house, HAR will provide a solution for you.

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Domestic air conditioning installation

0% VAT on Domestic Installations

For all your domestic air conditioning, supplying equipment and systems from all of the world’s leading refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturing companies, including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and all other leading manufacturers. From the pre-sale survey and design phase through to installation and commissioning, our qualified team are here to ensure the optimum system is delivered to meet your exact requirements

The Government is committed to reducing emissions of the gases responsible for global warming as part of its Climate Change Programme and the Kyoto Protocol. Households are responsible for a quarter of all emissions, so are being targeted through a Reduced Rate VAT on energy efficient heating systems, ultimately saving you 15%* off the cost of your new air conditioner.

For more information HMRC website
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