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Why You Should Service Your Expensive Industrial Equipment

Importance of Servicing Industrial Equipment

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Often commercial properties feature lots of equipment that quickly fades into the background.

As such, it is not uncommon for property owners to occasionally neglect to get their expensive equipment serviced – even though their installation would have cost them a pretty penny originally.

Maintaining and servicing expensive industrial items is just as important as servicing your car and boilery.

What Does Industrial Maintenance Entail?

Industrial maintenance and servicing refer to preventative, episodic, and emergency cleaning and repair of equipment. 

Maintenance can and should be scheduled at regular intervals.

Usually, installers inform you how often equipment should be maintained when they first install it. This is crucial to prevent any safety issues arising or early mechanical breakdowns. Simply, materials can wear down and require replacement. Also, equipment might need regular cleaning to function efficiently.

With frequently used items like cars or boilers, people naturally appreciate the importance of maintenance. Defects in these tools become quickly apparent, and cannot be lived without. However, it is worth paying attention to expensive industrial equipment like heating, air conditioning, and specialized machinery too.

There are plenty of benefits to servicing industrial equipment, including:

Saving Costs in the Long Run

With time, all equipment can break down to the point it’s irreparable.

Often, this leads to a costly replacement that could affect your bottom line. Maintenance is usually cheaper than an out-right replacement, and it ensures sure your equipment lasts longer.

Running a piece of equipment to failure could cost up to 10 times more than engaging a regular maintenance program. Here, predictive maintenance is exceptionally cost-effective.

Explicitly, predictive maintenance can save between 8-12% over preventive maintenance and up to 40% over reactive maintenance.

Avoid Production Downtime

Do you rely on industrial equipment for any part of your profession?

Prevent downtimes in production by maintaining your equipment before wearing it into the ground.

On the whole, maintenance takes less time than repairs and is usually less invasive as a whole.

Preserve Peak Performance

Unserviced equipment is less likely to run at its peak ability.

When we’re talking about structures that facilitate the heating and/or cooling of machinery, this could end up being quite expensive. 

For instance, if your industrial equipment takes longer to heat or cool, your bills will increase.

Here, servicing the equipment ensures your machinery runs to its full capacity and preserves its cost-efficiency.

Avoid Health Risks

Air conditioning, from our experience, can become a health risk for you and your employees if not serviced regularly.

For instance, mold might grow in the system, affecting the whole air quality.

Similarly, dust and harmful particles can settle in ventilation shafts.

In short, where the air circulation around your space is concerned, don’t take any risks. 

Keep Industrial Equipment Maintained

Simply, there are many risks and downsides for failing to maintain or service industrial equipment.

Many think they save costs by not engaging maintenance work. But, this often leads to higher expenses in the end.

More importantly, maintenance is essential to avoid potential health and safety risks for you and your staff.

To learn more, get in touch with us today. We can, at least, help with one of the areas suggested above and keep your air conditioning system at peak performance 🙂

3rd August 2020
Air Conditioning, Knowledge
Importance of Servicing Industrial Equipment
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