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No Need to Blow Hot and Cold: 5 Industries That Use Air Conditioning

Industries that use air conditioning

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As our weather seems to get hotter and hotter across the UK and Europe, different industries are looking towards air-conditioning as a means of staying cool.

For some sectors, air-conditioning has long been part of the furniture, such as larger corporate office spaces. 

So, we’re going to look at the top five industries that use air-conditioning and why.

1. The Automotive Sector

The automotive industry has long used air-conditioning in its cars to cool or warm the air inside the vehicle.

The first car to boast factory-installed air-con was the 1940 Packard, and by the late 1960s, around half of all new vehicles had air-con installed. 

Today, almost 100% of new cars leave the assembly line with air-conditioning installed. Interestingly, the automotive HVAC market is predicted to grow by 8.9% between 2016 to 2022 to a whopping $22.8 billion!

Not only that, but massive car plant factories have state-of-the-art installed air-conditioning. This is imperative for keeping its workforce cool but just as importantly, ensuring the factory remains the right temperature no matter what is being manufactured. 

2. Factories

Today, factories are supplied with ventilation, cooling and heating systems that can offer maximum performance and use energy-saving technology so that running costs remain affordable.  

In fact, factories can have separate sets of controls for different workspaces. This means temperatures can vary between the factory floor, warehouse, and any office space the company has. 

Many factories also opt for ductless air conditioning, as its name so aptly suggests, these units don’t require any ducts or duct connections. As such, you don’t have to install any fresh ductwork. These air conditioners are made out of several wall-mounted units.

3. Self-Storage Companies

Companies and individuals use self-storage for multiple reasons, including storing temperature-sensitive items such as art and wine.

Many self-storage providers in the UK now boast climate controlled air-conditioned storage facilities that are regulated to suit temperatures all year long. 

4. The Restaurant and Catering Industry

Any environment where fresh produce is handled needs remains at the right temperature so that food and health and safety standards are maintained. The Health and Safety Executive has issued guidance for the catering industry around the importance of adequate ventilation in kitchens. 

Not only that, but you also don’t want the heat from your kitchen to spill out into the dining area. This can quickly make for an uncomfortable environment for your diners.

This is where installing demand-based ventilation controls come into their own. This kind of AC unit uses sensors to monitor the heat and vary the fan speed accordingly. 

5. Telecommunications and IT Servicing Industry

Where there are data centres, computer rooms and servers, there is a need for cooling systems to keep all that technology at the right temperature.

Data centres need sustainable air-conditioning systems because they use high levels of power.

To learn more, and to find out how we can help, please check our commercial air-conditioning services.

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23rd September 2020
Air Conditioning
Industries that use air conditioning
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