5 Simple Tips To Make Your Hotel Welcoming

Make Your Hotel Welcoming

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All hotels endeavour to make their guests feel happy, relaxed, comfortable and above all, welcome, however long their stay.

Feeling welcome allows a guest to quickly feel at home and relaxed in their surroundings whilst enjoying having someone else cook and clean for them. (That might be the ideal recipe for returning business).

Here are our 5 top tips on what makes a guest feel the most welcome:

1. Service

If a guest checks in smoothly and is served by friendly, helpful reception staff who explain all they need to know; their stay is off to a great start.

Moreover, quality service is essential for any hotel to thrive and is so often the central subject of any hotel review.

For example, location and food are both topics often discussed in reviews but the basis of what makes a hotel truly hospitable and welcoming is the level of service given by all members of staff.

2. Welcome Hampers

On entering their room, whether a seasoned traveller or not, any guest will be delighted to find a welcome hamper waiting for them in their room.

Whether it’s filled with luxury chocolates and champagne for the higher end guests or the more traditional offering of tea, coffee and biscuits, it’s a welcome sight.

The resulting combined sense of feeling special, valued and welcomed is the very essence of the hospitality industry.

3. Interior Décor

Also key in engendering a welcoming feel in a hotel is the ambience created by lighting and décor.

Paintings and objets d’art all add to the sophistication of the setting and the decoration of the guests’ rooms, together with the general reception rooms, all need careful consideration.

For example, if your hotel seeks a warm and cosy feel, darker woods and colours lend themselves to a sense of cosiness. Whereas cooler and more neutral tones allow for a more spacious, luxurious feel.

4. Get the Temperature Right

Although you might associate feeling welcome with warmth, sometimes the heat felt in hotels can be overpoweringly hot, regardless of the temperature outside.

Equally air conditioning can be super cool inside to compensate for summer temperatures outside and leave the more warm-blooded ambling around the hotel a little too chilly for comfort!

Therefore, it is critical in making people feel comfortable, that the heating and air con is climatically controlled with variable, easy to understand settings. Allowing guests to set their own individual temperature will impress everyone and ensure that they have a very comfortable stay.

5. Clean and Fresh

Finally, it might be obvious but a clean hotel will be a popular hotel.

For example, clean bathrooms with beds and towels regularly changed will ensure that all guests feel relaxed and happy.

Knowing the guests’ rooms are hygienic will give all guests complete confidence in the hygiene throughout the hotel. Additionally, scented air fresheners and polishes create a very happy and welcoming vibe too.

To learn more, get in touch with us today. We can, at least, help with one of the five suggestions above and give you the ideal air conditioning system 🙂

7th July 2020
Make Your Hotel Welcoming
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