Industries that use air conditioning

No Need to Blow Hot and Cold: 5 Industries That Use Air Conditioning

  Tags – Industries that use air conditioning   As our weather seems to get hotter and hotter across the UK and Europe, different industries are looking towards air-conditioning
Reduce Room Temperature

6 Actions That Reduce Room Temperature When It’s Hot

  Tags – Reduce Room Temperature   There is nothing worse than trying to relax and unwind in a room that’s stifling hot. It’s sticky, sweaty, and just plain
What causes a heatwave

What Causes a Heatwave?

  Tags – What causes a heatwave   This summer, the British people have enjoyed weeks of glorious temperatures of 30C (and higher), which has prompted many of us
Global Warming

Understanding Global Warming and its Impact: The Bigger Picture

  Tags – Global Warming   Global warming is without doubt, a very real issue for the future of the planet. For instance, a warming climate is causing ice