The Top 5 Benefits of Air Circulation in Your Home

Benefits of Air Circulation

Tags – Benefits of Air Circulation  No matter what the temperature is outside, it always feels refreshing when there is fresh air circulating around your home. Unless you live in a modern home and it’s been built to an extremely high standard, it’s likely there may be some gaps where draughts can get in. For […]

6 Red Flags Your Building Has a Ventilation Problem

Signs of a Ventilation Problem

Tags – Signs of a Ventilation Problem 3 dreaded words: Sick Building Syndrome. One of the most common problems that commercial building owners face, yet it’s one that is regularly overlooked. If you’re not sure what Sick Building Syndrome is, it’s simply when the building’s occupants experience discomfort and health issues without an apparent illness […]

The Difference Between HRV and ERV Systems


Tags – Difference Between HRV and ERV Systems Ventilation is a fairly simple concept: it exchanges incoming fresh air and outgoing stale air. Installing an entire ventilation system not only means fresh air inside, but it also comes with added benefits for your well being and a healthier living or working space.  To put it […]