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The Top 5 Benefits of Air Circulation in Your Home

Benefits of Air Circulation

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No matter what the temperature is outside, it always feels refreshing when there is fresh air circulating around your home.

Unless you live in a modern home and it’s been built to an extremely high standard, it’s likely there may be some gaps where draughts can get in.

For example, near your letter box, window frames, through floor boards and vents etc.

However, this type of ventilation is very limited.

And because we spend so much time in our homes, good ventilation plays an essential part in our own health and wellbeing.

Which is where controlled ventilation comes into play.

With mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems, they can control the air coming into and the air getting out of your home.

And whilst some systems will recycle heat, it will still provide you with a constant supply of fresh air and remove stale air.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 benefits of fresh air circulation in your home.

1. Get Rid of Stale Air

It’s very common that a lot of us close all our windows and doors at night time, especially during the winter.

However, this traps all the air inside the room, which we then inhale and exhale throughout the night, causing a drop in oxygen levels.

In order to function properly, we need oxygen. Therefore a lack of oxygen is not going to be good for our health.

Installing a ventilation system will eliminate this problem, without the need for you opening up doors and windows at night, bringing fresh air in and keeping problems like insects and burglars out.

2. Boost Concentration

When you have fresh air circulating in your home, it means that there will be higher levels of oxygen.

And higher levels of oxygen has been proven to help improve concentration levels.

In a time where more and more people are working from home, a fresh flow of oxygen can help you feel refreshed and more awake, meaning you can get your head down and crack on with your work!

3. Eliminate Odors

If you cooked fish for last night’s dinner, chances are you’ll still be able to smell it the next day.

Cooking aside, sometimes waking up from a hot summer’s night sleep causes a dull odor in the bedroom.

Rather than leaving windows and doors open all day long, installing a ventilation system can provide you a quick spritz of fresh air needed to eliminate those smells.

4. Remove Mold

Mold loves nothing more than warm and moist conditions – it’s where it will grow the most.

The corners of your living room, bedroom, bathroom or office space could be the perfect conditions for mold to grow if there is no air ventilation.

Moreover, if there is no fresh air your home can become quite humid, which causes condensation.

Positively, ventilation prevents humid air from being trapped inside and helps cut back on moisture, eliminating wet areas of your home more quickly and therefore reducing the risk of mold growth.

5. Improve Health 

Of course there are endless ways to improve your health, like going for a brisk walk everyday.

But, the small act of bringing fresh air into the home has been found to improve blood pressure and heart rate, help build a stronger immune system, boost serotonin levels (happy hormones) and aid digestion.

As such, installing an air ventilation system can vastly improve a number of aspects of your health.

Finishing Thoughts

All in all, by bringing in fresh air circulation into your home it will provide you with a whole host of benefits.

And it doesn’t take time to notice these effects too – you will be able to reap the rewards immediately and no longer spend time in a stuffy home.

Please get in touch today to find out more.

In the meantime, take a look at our domestic ventilation systems here.

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28th February 2022
Air Circulation, Knowledge
Benefits of Air Circulation
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