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Industries that use air conditioning

No Need to Blow Hot and Cold: 5 Industries That Use Air Conditioning

  Tags – Industries that use air conditioning   As our weather seems to get hotter and hotter across the UK and Europe, different industries are looking towards air-conditioning
Air Conditioning and Coronavirus


  Tags – Air Conditioning and Coronavirus   In these unprecedented times, there is an understandable, heightened interest in exactly how COVID-19 is spread. There are currently many facts
Importance of Servicing Industrial Equipment

Why You Should Service Your Expensive Industrial Equipment

  Tags – Importance of Servicing Industrial Equipment   Often commercial properties feature lots of equipment that quickly fades into the background. As such, it is not uncommon for
Air Conditioning and Coronavirus

R-32: The Most Balanced Refrigerant for Stationary Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Daikin has assessed various refrigerants (R-32, blends, natural refrigerants, HFO, etc) based on four criteria (environmental impact, energy efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness), and we have applied some of these


We have just finished this industrial air conditioning unit installation

Church installation

We have just recently finished an installation inside a church in Warwickshire.