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Domestic installation of-air-conditioning-

Recent domestic air conditioning installations

Tags – Domestic Air conditioning Leicester, Leicestershire Recently we have just finished a selection of air conditioning installs for the domestic market. Many people are now learning of the
water chillers install in London at Great Ormond Street hospital

Installation at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

Tags – Water Chillers in Hospitals We have recently finished a major installation project in London. The project was to install of 2 x 47kw Mitsubishi water chillers on the roof
Industries that use air conditioning

No Need to Blow Hot and Cold: 5 Industries That Use Air Conditioning

  Tags – Industries that use air conditioning   As our weather seems to get hotter and hotter across the UK and Europe, different industries are looking towards air-conditioning
Air Conditioning and Coronavirus


  Tags – Air Conditioning and Coronavirus   In these unprecedented times, there is an understandable, heightened interest in exactly how COVID-19 is spread. There are currently many facts
Importance of Servicing Industrial Equipment

Why You Should Service Your Expensive Industrial Equipment

  Tags – Importance of Servicing Industrial Equipment   Often commercial properties feature lots of equipment that quickly fades into the background. As such, it is not uncommon for
Air Conditioning and Coronavirus

R-32: The Most Balanced Refrigerant for Stationary Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Daikin has assessed various refrigerants (R-32, blends, natural refrigerants, HFO, etc) based on four criteria (environmental impact, energy efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness), and we have applied some of these


We have just finished this industrial air conditioning unit installation

Church installation

We have just recently finished an installation inside a church in Warwickshire.