Factors that Affect Indoor Air Quality 

Factors that Affect Indoor Air Quality

Tags – Factors that Affect Indoor Air Quality  Poor indoor air quality can have a serious impact on your health.  In fact, it can be worse for you than outdoor air pollution!  That’s why it’s important to understand the factors that affect indoor air quality and take steps to improve it.  In this blog post, […]

7 Clear Signs Your Home Has Poor Ventilation

Signs Home Has Poor Ventilation

Tags – Signs Home Has Poor Ventilation Having a well-ventilated house will provide you and your family with a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere to enjoy.  Not only that, but it also has an impact on our health.  Are you feeling a little stuffy lately? Are you experiencing headaches, nausea, or dizziness?  If so, it might be […]

The Relationship Between Ventilation and Energy Efficiency

ventilation and energy efficiency

Tags – ventilation and energy efficiency If you’re in the market for a new home or if you’re renovating your current one, you may be wondering about the relationship between ventilation and energy efficiency.  And it’s an important question to ask, as proper ventilation is key to keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient.  In this […]

6 Red Flags Your Building Has a Ventilation Problem

Signs of a Ventilation Problem

Tags – Signs of a Ventilation Problem 3 dreaded words: Sick Building Syndrome. One of the most common problems that commercial building owners face, yet it’s one that is regularly overlooked. If you’re not sure what Sick Building Syndrome is, it’s simply when the building’s occupants experience discomfort and health issues without an apparent illness […]

The Difference Between HRV and ERV Systems


Tags – Difference Between HRV and ERV Systems Ventilation is a fairly simple concept: it exchanges incoming fresh air and outgoing stale air. Installing an entire ventilation system not only means fresh air inside, but it also comes with added benefits for your well being and a healthier living or working space.  To put it […]

The Importance of Measuring CO2 Levels in Buildings

CO2 Levels in Buildings

Tags – CO2 Levels in Buildings Employees and students spend at least half their waking hours at work or in school. Therefore, it’s a top priority to maintain adequate indoor air quality by diluting air pollutants and contaminants, as well as moisture and odours in buildings. To briefly explain, most HVAC (ventilation and air conditioning) […]

Benefits of Good Quality Air Ventilation in the Workplace

Air Ventilation in the Workplace

Tags – Air Ventilation in the Workplace Not to state the obvious, but we all spend 100% of our time breathing in air. Whilst indoor air quality is not the most burning issue on most people’s minds, it still plays a crucial role in one’s health, comfort and productivity at work. In fact, ventilation is […]